Meet Dee Cooper

Dee Cooper

I am a Clinical Psychologist with more than 30 years’ experience in the field of mental health. I originally trained in South Africa and worked at the Military Hospital in Pretoria and later worked in private practice working mainly with first responders and people affected by trauma. I came to Sydney in 1998 and then eventually to Launceston Tasmania occupying various positions in government until I started a private practice in 2007.

I now coordinate a group practice (Synapse Psychology) of enthusiastic and dedicated psychologists as well as working with clients with PTSD, cPTSD, Depression and Anxiety.
My journey with EMDR started about 8 years’ ago. EMDR offers so many avenues for creative work with clients and is an incredibly powerful therapeutic intervention. I follow an Attachment Informed approach in my work with EMDR, utilising aspects of Ego State Therapy, Somatic Therapy and IFS.
As a consultant, I am passionate about supporting other clinicians to learn about how EMDR can enhance their clinical skills. I co-facilitate for a number of EMDR trainers including Dr Annabel McGoldrick (EMDR Insight), Mark Brayne (EMDR Focus UK) , Graham Taylor (Therapist Training) and Jenny Dwyer (EMDR Academy).

I offer individual consultation to clinicians who are embarking on their EMDR journey, those wishing to work towards accreditation as an EMDR practitioner or EMDR consultant or even those wanting to seek consultation on a standalone issue or case. In addition, I run a monthly group consultation where clinicians of varying levels of expertise get an opportunity to discuss matters EMDR in a supportive and learning rich environment.

If you wish to see me you can contact me at:

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