EMDR and Somatic Psychology
– Dr Arielle Schwartz
$200 including GST

In this training, world leading trauma expert Dr Arielle Schwartz teaches Somatic Psychology and how it interfaces with EMDR Therapy. You will learn the origins and various modalities of somatic psychology, how using a somatic based approach can enhance your EMDR therapy practice, and numerous strategies and techniques that are essential in helping work with dysregulated affect and arousal states that accompany PTSD.

Dr Schwartz will also discuss specialised treatment considerations that allow clinicians to address preverbal trauma memories, attachment trauma, and somatization symptoms. You will also benefit from a somatic based approach to self-care for therapists to address vicarious traumatization and burnout.

EMDR and Somatic psychology

Attachment Focused EMDR History Taking and Conceptualisation (2 hour training)
– Dr Annabel McGoldrick
$55 including GST

This 2 hour engaging webinar will provide the knowledge and skills to perform an effective and efficient phase one history taking with clients in order to prepare them for deep attachment healing. Annabel will teach you how to write a genogram to create a map of the client’s family system, illustrating crucial family dynamics, scripts and schemas all on one piece of paper.

Annabel will offer tips on how to educate clients about their own attachment style, explaining to them how Attachment shapes their subsequent relationships with partners and children. More importantly she offers hope on how to heal and transform their attachment wounds through EMDR. She also will offer some extra preparation tools to enhance safety for those with insecure attachments and complex PTSD.

Attachment focused EMDR

What to do when the processing gets blocked in EMDR (3 hours training)
– Michelle Gotlieb & Deborah Silveria

$75 including GST

When we were all trained in EMDR therapy, we were told all you have to do is say, “Go with that” and everything will change. While EMDR therapy is amazingly effective, it is often not quite that simple. Sometimes our clients’ processing stops, and we do not understand why.

In this webinar you will learn about three specific issues that block reprocessing: blocking beliefs, feeder memories and ecological appropriateness. By the end of the workshop, you will understand what these concepts are and have techniques and strategies to help your clients get to a SUD of 0, a VoC of 7 and a clear body scan. Cultural diversity issues in EMDR therapy practice will also be addressed.

EMDR Interweaves

Expressive Arts Therapy: An Introduction for Integration with EMDR Therapy and
Other Trauma-Focused Modalities
– Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, REAT, RYT-500
$100 including GST

In this workshop webinar, Dr. Jamie Marich gives participants an overview of expressive arts therapy and some initial ideas on integration. She also will lead participants through an experiential expressive arts “process” on the theme of coping and healing through the current pandemic.

Expressive arts therapy is an approach to psychotherapy with roots in indigenous cultures and a rich history of evolution within modalities such as Jungian, person-centered, and Gestalt psychotherapies. Expressive arts therapy is characterized by its emphasis on the multi-modal process of healing (exploring many combinations for creativity rather than relying on just one art form) and the concept of process (similar to how the adaptive information process model conceptualized trauma healing).

You will receive 2 sessions to download. For more information, click here.

Attachment focused EMDR

Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, REAT, RYT-500

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